Superba Snack Bar is featured in Louis Vuitton's city travel guide for the Venice edition of their Restaurants section.

"Chef Jason Neroni once cared more about skateboarding than cooking, but that was before he met Alain Ducasse, who helped him develop his uncompromising style. That style is on display at Superba, a charming little Italian restaurant on an up-and-coming Venice street, with a patio full of pretty, flush-faced gals just in from the beach and an open kitchen full of friendly young guys preparing small plates of vegetables, charcuterie and totally addictive homemade pasta: spaghettini with wakame, sea urchin, crab, miso butter and chilli; macaroni with chorizo sausage and mussels; and bucatini carbonera with pancetta, a poached egg, black pepper and Parma ham. Simple and perfect, with a glass of persecco, blood orange and mint - so Venice Beach! Recently opened, here is the favourite canteen for anyone who is someone in Venice. In a spacious, bright interior from Design, Bitches, who won Best Restaurant Design prize 2014 for what they call a "bakery, cafe, urban park," you can enjoy yourself from 7am to 10pm with the city's finest comfort food served by extremely attractive young people."