California Style Vol. 3 April 2015



Architecture according to California designers

Americas top tier creatives gather in California.
We talked to the leaders of the design industry

Rebecca Rudolph from San Diego and Catherine Johnson from San Francisco, both met in the city of Los Angeles. They would graduate from the same architecture school in DTLA, and after working in the same firm, they would become partners to achieve their dreams.

 “I had no intention to move to LA at first. I disliked the hectic environment and the traffic. However, I gradually came to like the place. There are constant stimulations and changes, and nature is easily accessible. LA is a place you can’t leave once you gotten used to it.” Catherine says. According to Rebecca, “I decided to stay in LA after landing a job, but I never expected to stay here long. I hate driving, and the air pollution is horrible. Once I started using the bicycle however, I was pulled into the free lifestyle. There are infinite number of things to learn in a city full of countless different cultures and races. There is also an endless variety of food. This is the only city of its kind.” 

Once they were working in the same office, there was an opportunity for them to work together. “We both felt that we were a good match for each other.” Their intuition seems to be correct. They would pursue their dreams and start their own practice in 2010; “Design, bitches”, a firm name with an impact thats bound to leave an impression. This name is obviously not an insult to themselves: They took their blunt response to the question “What exactly is architecture?” and boldly turned it into their firm name. Their straightforward attitude is the secret behind their success in a city filled with worldly architecture that is LA.”Even if you become an architect, there is no guarantee that you are able to carry out your vision and talent to the fullest. We were extremely lucky in that we met a client who understood that”, they say modestly.

On one hand they would propose a very elegant, detail-oriented female design, but on the other hand they would surprise you with a gigantic illustration on the wall as a counterbalance. Their concept is “a place where one wants to return to”, achieved through unexpected combinations of scale and colors. They say in unison: “Inspiration comes from the everyday life.”  Even if they act separately, they constantly call each other to report on inspirations and visual stimulations they experienced. The backdrop of the LA they couldn’t come to like at first generates their inspirations and is sure to become a tailwind to their success in the coming future.